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Canoe Old Town price from 2100 pln

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CANOE triple 

Absolutely the cheapest canoe on the Polish market, made of very strong polyethylene, with interesting and rich furnishings! Check it out!!!

On request, we send a sample of the material that we have received from the manufacturer of the canoe. This canoe is in thermoformed polyethylene technology, is equipped with two contoured seats and a centrally placed bench, perfect for smaller passengers. The seat cover is also benches clipboard. There is also place for cup holders, place for angler and waterproof compartment for small items.
The seats are mounted slightly lower than in other types of canoe which has a positive impact on stability. The seats also come with cup holders -  holdery cup.
Canoe Saranac 146 is able to take on your deck 3 people.

Features canoe:

  • Anatomically contoured seat
  • Central bench with storage, cup holders, rod
  • Waterproof compartment for small items
  • Practical support for paddles
  • Convenient handles on the bow and stern
  • Buoyancy material made of Styrofoam blocks placed under the benches



detail - Net 2350 PLN
wholesale (10 pcs) - Net 2100 PLN

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