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Kajak Vista price from 2100 pln

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Vista kayaks - made of polyethylene - EXTREMELY TOUGH

distibution only in Poland

Comfortable double seats kayak with large cockpit, very good conditions, nautical, incredible load, for longer rallies and ideally suited for short trips. Low weight, high strength, and good maneuverability make it’s very good combination of equipment. It is good also to swim alone and it does not cause trouble with conduct. We offer you 2-person polyethylene turistic kayaks of a comfort type.vista1.gif

The most important data of kayak Vista:

  • polyethylene - extremely tough and resistant material ensuring lack of damage
  • opened cocpit ensure o lot of place for a ludgage even during long kayak tour
  • comfortable sits - collapsible for easier loadingvista2.gif
  • map case at the bow
  • 2 longitudinal hollows in the bottom improving controllability of the kayak
  • special grips making carring of the kayak easier


  • length: 4,70 m
  • width: 78 cm
  • draught: 500 l
  • capacity: 290 kg
  • weight: about 33 kg



detail - Net 2350 PLN
wholesale (10 pcs) - Net 2100 PLN

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