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Kayak 1 person - hybrid - ACTIVE 1 from 1899 zł

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The first canoes hybrid lowland - Sea -  Finnish project
Thanks to its design is the first kayak universal on both rivers large lakes and sea bays.
Very interesting polyethylene kayak hybrid for single and multi-day expedition.
Firmly holding the course and easy to control.
Small resistance allows for long expeditions stagnant water (lakes, canals, bays) and the waves and the wind.
The special shape of the bottom provides łatowść overcome the wave side.

The foto kayak yellow version trip

canoes equipped with professional rigging

lockable hatch

profiled / replaceable tip of the keel

comfortable backrest


handles for transportation
• Length / lenght: 4,3 m
• width / width 0.6 m
• Height / height: 0.32 m
• weight / weight: 24 kg
• capacity / capacity: 370 l

on request possible other options such as the rudder, apron, glove box, bag-board etc.

AMBER version profi

with more - discounts

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