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Life jackets price from 48 PLN!

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An attested lifevest - price from 50 zł net!


The basic model, most often used by all lovers of canoeing. Simplicity of use and confort makes it the most popular model among lifevests.



  • clasp: two belts with buckles
  • additional reflections on his shoulders
  • two belts tie
  • adults sizes: J, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • childrens sizes: S, M

EC type-examination certificate issued by the Polish Register of Shipping No. TC/PPE/004/2006, Marked are, therefore CE
 Made according to the standards:

  • BS EN 393 + AC: 1998    
  • BS EN 393:1998 / A1: 200
  • BS EN 394:1999

Certificate of Conformity No. CW/151/PRS
Declaration of Conformity issued by the company OLIMP
Fill buoyancy vest is a material having MIELTERM Force Institute Certificate.


  • standard    
    - Retail - 59 PLN net
    - Wholesale (10 pcs) - 48 PLN net
  • junior
    - Retail - 55 PLN net
    - Wholesale (10 pcs) - 45 PLN net


Approved life jackets - from 75 PLN net!

We can offer You also approved life jackets.

They have an inspection certificate issued by the EC type-Polish Register of Shipping No. TC/PPE/086/2008
- Standard type Olymp 50N

And the certificate of EC type-examination issued by the Polish Register of Shipping No. TC/PPE/094/2010:
- Standard type Olymp 100N