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NEW - Kayak Active Finder Duo - great price from 1299 zł

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New kayak on the Polish market

Special construction of the handles directly in the kayak profile ensures maximum protection during transport

(Secured with links ) and easy to overcome obstacles (no protruding elements)


Idel kayak to rent


Large displacement and a special bow shape ensure high kayak speed on the water

Ideal for a one-day trip (suitably selected weight) as well as  family kayaking trips - big space in the stern of kayak for luggage
Special - easy access to the stern thanks to folding backsrests
Interchangeable couple made of very durable plastic (not polyethylene)
The first such universal tourist kayak
- very packed = large people on board
- special shape of the bow allows you to easily overcome obstacles and the occasional waves on the lakes
- incredibly fast thanks to its streamlined silhouette
- very responsive - optimal length
- easily passes through small obstacles (trees, stones)
- 2 bottom recesses ensure stability of the course
- ultra hard replaceable keel tip
- very wide armchairs - even for very large people
For demanding kayak can be equipped with rigging and the cap
Weight: 37kg

Length: 4.19 m

Large open cockpit

Width: 82 cm


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