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Waterproof aprons for kayaks price from 109 PLN net!

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Apron is designed to protect the inside of the kayak and the person sitting in a kayak before flooding. Very useful for "uncertain" or rainy weather, it protects your luggage. While crossing the lake as there is a high tide, also protects from water pouring inside.

Offered aprons are made of waterproof material with high resistance to abrasion. Chimney apron comes complete with a zipper that allows you to easily reach into the kayak without having to remove the apron. At the top of the chimney extractor is introduced, which allows the use of apron for adults and children. Establishment of the kayak skirt does not make more difficult by the string pullers in part to kayak trailed.



- Detail: 149 PLN Net
- Hurt (10 units): 109 PLN Net


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